ICYMI: Meghna dropped off a powerful new cut titled ‘In My DNA’

With the release of her robust new single ‘In My DNA, budding Melbourne-based artist Meghna looks to continue captivating listeners by projecting a riveting blend of Trap, R&B and Pop.

Opening with eerie and resonant keys, the record quickly gains momentum and becomes laced with thumping 808’s, rapid hi-hats, and atmospheric production. Meghna’s flourishing cadence rises to the forefront as she delivers spellbinding flows and flexes her sublime vocal capacity.

Speaking on the single, Meghna says;

“In My DNA is about thinking that ‘you have to be something’ because it is ‘in your DNA’, or in your roots but still hoping for better things, or for things to be different.”

Given her catalogue is both ever-growing and highly charismatic, it’s really only a matter of time before everyone else will catch on and we’ll be sitting here saying I told you so. Don’t sleep!



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Instagram: @meghna.musicc
SoundCloud: @Meghna
Twitter: @MeghnaMusic

Written by,
Timothy Thorpe

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