SOL MANIC fires off his forth release for the year with ‘Dirty Pictures’

Since making a long-awaited return to the scene last year, Melbourne-based artist SOL MANIC has kept his foot glued to the floor as he fires off his fourth release for 2021. Titled ‘Dirty Pictures‘ the single puts forward dark, hard-hitting production that’s comprised of pulsating synths, distorted bass, thumping 808s, and Trap-esque percussion.

Sonically, SOL MANIC contributes buttery flows, intoxicating melodies and a melting pot of charisma which shines through his raw cadence and inflexions. ‘Dirty Pictures‘ allows the promising tastemaker to express himself through animated and boastful lyricism, proving he has what it takes to flip the game upside-down.

Looking forward, there’s no doubt MANIC will see the year out strong and continue his ascension throughout 2022. For now, we’re just excited to see the talented emcee keep dropping back-to-back heaters. This is only the beginning!



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SoundCloud: @sol-manic

Written by,
Timothy Thorpe

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