PREMIERE: KILL Carter – Crash In A Benz

After building momentum for his highly anticipated EP ‘EDEN’ by sharing stunning visuals to ‘Avalanche,’ ‘Cry Don’t Cry’ and ‘Fool’, the widely talented Melbourne-based artist KILL Carter is back to reveal the final taste of what’s to come via a fresh new single ‘Crash In A Benz’.

Keeping a similar sound to his previous drops, this new one features bright guitar chords, soft drums and ambient production which feeds perfectly into the Alternative aesthetic that Carter continues to dabble in. His vocals are dangerously melodic and mixed gloriously, leaving the listener no choice but to hold onto every word until the distorted chorus comes in to shift up the dynamics.

Crash In A Benz‘ sees KILL Carter showcase his multidimensional artistry as he executes a top tier record that’s generously pieced together using effective vocal layering and a rich selection of genre-bending sonics. The quality of the animation for the accompanying lyric video is a prime example of his high performing standards.

Buckle up and get ready for ‘EDEN‘!



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Written by,
Timothy Thorpe

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