RARIA channels heartbreak into an uplifting pop anthem titled ‘Dude’

Following the release of her widely praised EP ‘Boys Who Broke My Heart‘ in 2021, budding Melbourne-based Pop star RARIA has returned to share a warm and sentimental new single titled ‘Dude‘.

Crafted from bubbly and upbeat production, the record fulfils a wide soundscape through reverberating percussion, soft accoustic guitar riffs and with RARIA gliding atop delivering powerful vocal performances. ‘Dude‘ is a prime example of turning a crappy experience into a lifelong lesson and creating something beautiful in the process. A true caterpillar to a butterfly type of moment. Despite the struggle of becoming entangled in all of the emotions that go into liking another human being, RARIA learns to put herself first and does so by channeling her emotions into an entrancing ballad that’s sure to leave you dancing your troubles away.

Speaking on the release, RARIA says

“‘Dude’ is a song that I wrote when I started to fall very hard for my ‘situationship’. I didn’t intend to fall for him, but he sent me a lot of mixed signals. He would treat me like his partner, talk about our future together, but he was always emotionally unavailable; sometimes that can make you want a person even more. The saddest part was, I would always rather see him and feel like shit afterwards instead of cutting him out of my life completely. I always try to write about my life experiences as soon as they happen, so when he called me ‘dude’ after sex, I knew I had to write a song about it.”



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Written by,
Timothy Thorpe

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