Flimsey Lohan welcome 2022 with an infectious new cut ‘Freeway Hitter’

After sharing a string of compelling releases in 2021, Melbourne’s favourite Jazz-Rap quartet Flimsey Lohan return to kick off the New Year with an entrancing new single ‘Freeway Hitter‘.

The record opens with swift hi-hats and soft snare hits before subtle layers of electric piano slide in to establish the textural groove of the track. Accompanied with (lead vocalist) Moom$’ fluid and punchy vocals, ‘Freeway Hitter‘ projects an eclectic soundscape filled with infectious grooves which perfectly exemplify the group’s robust charisma. This one speaks for itself!

Speaking on the release, Flimsey Lohan says;

“We were headed out to pick up some recording gear near Geelong, and on the way, some crew threw a full can of something off an overpass at our car. The can spun through the air in slow motion as we sunk into our seats, bracing for what we thought would be an absolute disaster. But, instead, the can missed the windscreen by an inch and thumped the roof of the car. The song was already kind of written at that point, but maybe it was destiny because now the song is inseparably tied to that memory. Aside from that, the song is kind of about trying to figure out where you’re going and just enjoying the absurd journey we’re all on.”



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Written by,
Timothy Thorpe

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