Teamwrk Records partner with MLBRN to launch Brotherhood Music 

Since making his debut in 2015, MLBRN has grown to become one of the longest active Islander-born rappers in Australia. Although he’s had a controversial past that’s seen him thrust in and out of the limelight over the past six years. The turning point seems to have come with the alignment of Teamwrk Records in July last year – where since signing with the team, MLBRN has released regular singles at a consistent pace. 

Throughout his career, MLBRN has expressed the importance of community in music and shown a willingness of wanting to help nurture his country and culture. With this new move, he aims to create a direct path for up-and-coming artists who he believes have faced the same woes he did in the early part of his career. 

Speaking on the motivation behind joining forces with Teamwrk, MLBRN says;

“When I first started, it was a very lonely place. I knew I had the talent but it was hard to get a start. Now that I have been lucky enough to further myself in my career I really want to reach out and help other artists I believe are being overlooked, and lack the tools to help take them to that next level in their careers. I know that this partnership will mean we will have the ability to do that and I hope that with this partnership we have the ability to change someone’s life.”

Teamwrk Records recently entered the conversation as a serious player in the music industry when Sydney-based rapper Masked Wolf accumulated over a billion plays on his single ‘Astronaut in the Ocean’.

However, despite global success, Australia is still at the forefront of Teamwrk’s values. 

“MLBRN has been a great artist to work with over the past year, we believe in him as an artist and performer and we also believed we aligned in a vision to help young artists reach their full potential in the Australian Hip-Hop space. We are very excited to see where this journey takes us and what great talent we can uncover,” said Teamwrk.

The focus of ‘Brotherhood Music’ will be to connect with upcoming artists from Australia and New Zealand to help them grow within their local communities and on the world stage. 

“We want to build opportunities for young artists. Our ethics are much the same as Teamwrk Records, we understand the importance of community in music and we want to use the successes we have created ourselves to help others succeed. Our aim is to bridge the gap and knock over the hurdles that many young aspiring artists face as a team,” said Danny Grant (MLBRN’s manager and label partner). 

Keep up to date with MLBRN’s journey via his socials:
Facebook: @mlbrn
Instagram: @mlbrnofficial
SoundCloud: @mlbrn_official
Twitter: @mlbrn_official

Edited by,
Timothy Thorpe

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