Atton kicks off the year with a compelling slow jam ‘On & Off’

Melbourne’s emerging R&B/Pop artist Atton has unveiled first release of 2022 after sharing a crooning, new slow jam titled ‘On & Off‘.

Produced, mixed and mastered by fellow local tastemaker Riverine, the records pushes the envelope with an atmospheric soundscape that’s richly layered using distorted drum breaks, bright keys, and vigorous guitar riffs. Further, Atton delivers smooth and nonchalant melodies which explore the challenges of navigating through a rocky relationship. All-in-all ‘On & Off‘ puts forward a compelling aesthetic reminiscent to the likes of The Weeknd – while maintaining a genuine and authentic sense of originality. It’s a vibe!

Looking forward, we’re excited to see what Atton has in store for the year ahead. Given his incredible talent and ability to drop quality releases, there’s no doubt it’s just a matter of time until the rest of the world catches on. Don’t sleep!



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Facebook: @aattonn
Instagram: @attonattonatton
SoundCloud: @atton-music
Twitter: @aaronatton_

Written by,
Timothy Thorpe

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