Mack Moses makes a long-awaited return with his new single ‘Back Home’

Powerhouse Melbourne-based artist Mack Moses makes a grand return after unveiling his first release in over two years with a robust new record ‘Back Home‘.

Taken from his upcoming sophomore EP, this fresh track sees Mack push the envelope through groovy, electronic, and future funk sonics that are brought to life with bubbly R&B inflections. From the jump ‘Back Home‘ has listeners on their feet and ready to move, it’s vibrant, infectious, and quite frankly hard to resist. His signature and soulful flair shines through seamlessly to create an edgy yet elusive aesthetic. Put simply, this single is bound to help brighten your day with every listen.

Looking forward, Mack Moses’ forthcoming EP ‘Coloured Floors‘ is sure to see him pick up right where he left off – perpetually creating authentic blends of rhythmic beats and smooth vocals. Don’t sleep on one of this city’s true hidden gems!



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Written by,
Timothy Thorpe

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