Sxint Prince unveils a suave new love ballad titled ‘Deserve It’

Immensley talented singer, songwriter and record producer Sxint Prince has made a highly anticipated return after unveiling his first single for 2022 with ‘Deserve It‘.

Laced with rich elements of Jazz, Pop, R&B and Soul, this new track comes as a genre-bending earworm that’s sure to leave listeners catching a vibe. Sxint Prince delivers his signature flair of undeniably majestic vocals, while confessing his love for the girl of his dreams through a powerful old-fashioned love ballad. Further, ‘Deserve It‘ showcases Prince’s ability to establish an exquisite soundscape layered generously with suave lyricism and breathtaking falsettos. Everything about this track is top tier, hit play and see for yourself!

With Sxint Prince’s second EP slated for release in 2023, TLF is eager to see what will follow between now and then. We’re hopeful there’s plenty more to come, so keep your eyes and ears peeled!



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Written by,
Timothy Thorpe

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