Srirachi returns with a spicy new anthem ‘U Want More Sir?’ 

Moving with the success of her recent Acclaim All-Stars Cypher appearance alongside prominent upcoming artists Babyface Mal, 1300, and Mason Dane, Melbourne’s Srirachi returns with her first single for 2022 ‘U Want More Sir?‘.

Produced by TomDaHomie, the track projects anthemic horns, distorted basslines, and thumping 808s, while Srirachi brings the energy through punchy, tongue-in-cheek wordplay and her signature rapid-fire flows. Its lines like, ‘fake bitches got a lot of curiosity, head up my ass like a colonoscopy’, remind listeners of Srirachi’s reckless yet admirably witty charisma.

What’s more, Srirachi unveiled some stunning accompanying visuals set in a classic 1960s American diner, painting a comical yet empowering storyline. Everything about this rollout is 100, Sirarchi truly understood the assignment!

Looking to release her highly anticipated debut EP by the end of the year, ‘U Want More Sir?‘ comes as the perfect release to help build hype and set the tone for what’s to come!



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Written by,
Timothy Thorpe

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