Drest drops off a sleek and animated Indie Pop jam ‘onewayticket’

Back with his second offering for 2022 comes rising Melbourne-based star Drest and his sublime new single titled ‘onewayticket‘.

Produced alongside Riverine and mix/mastered by Trae, this new one pushes the envelope with an infectious, Pop-fuelled groove that hears Drest’s artistry shine through sleek melodies and punchy wordplay. Further, ‘onewayticket‘ explores the harsh realities that come with overcoming a rocky relationship and combatting emotional affliction. Drest sounds mature and ready to establish himself as one of this city’s most underrated acts. Tap in!


Following the release of ‘onewayticket‘, TLF managed to chat with Drest about the new record, his process, what’s in store for 2022, and more!

Check out the full interview below:

First off, how’s things? What’s something that made you smile recently? 

Hey man! Things are great at the moment, I’m doing shows, I’m super happy with the music I’m making and I’m psyched to be able to meet people in person again and attend events and talk to everyone I can. Life’s very exciting right now.

Congrats on the release of ‘onewayticket’! What do you hope resonates with listeners when they hit play?

Thanks heaps! I’m hoping that listeners can relate to the situation of a past relationship that the song is based around, and that they can understand the constant wrestle between the logical part of yourself and the emotional part – which is what I was struggling with when I started writing this song.

It’s safe to say you’ve been experimenting with different sounds and tempos as of late, what/who inspires your vision when it comes to music?

Yeah, I like to think my style has matured a little and that I’m a little more confident to try new things so it’s hella cool that you picked that up. I’m inspired by a lot more indie pop and rock now than I used to be in the past, just from naturally listening to more of it – and don’t get me wrong Hip-Hop is definitely still my most listened to genre but it feels a lot more natural for me to make my own sort of blend of these influences that lean more towards the indie-pop side. I’m inspired by heaps of artists and bands, more recently I’d say Omar Apollo, easy life, and Holly Humberstone. 

In the last few years it seems as though you’ve been surrounding yourself with more and more like-minded individuals, how has your creative process changed since you first started making music?

My creative process has changed so so much since I first started making music. These days I’m blessed to be able to collaborate a lot more with some very talented people, and I also just make so much music now, my demos folder is crazy big at the moment ahaha. I also play a lot more of my instruments now, I play guitar and bass on nearly every track I do and try and be a lot more hands-on in every session I’m in. 

Which fellow local Melbourne artists are you most excited about / want to get in the studio with?

Man I’m legitimately such a big fan of a lot of people in this city and I’m lucky enough to have been able to get in the studio with a lot of my favourite artists and producers from here, and there’s still a lot on my list I wanna get to this year. 

What else can we look forward to seeing from Drest in 2022? 

You can look forward to hella songs, videos, merch, shows, and hopefully, you don’t get too sick of me. 


Show Drest some love via his socials below:
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Instagram: @kid_drest
SoundCloud: @kid_drest
Twitter: @kid_drest

Written by,
Timothy Thorpe

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