Kwasi calls on Congrats for a fierce new single titled ‘Self Sabotage’

Ghanian-Melbourne-based artist Kwasi has teamed up with Congrats (Ben Stewart of Slowly Slowly) for an immense Trap/Punk record titled ‘Self Sabotage‘.

Produced by platinum award-winning producer HAMLEY, the single puts forward heavy-hitting Trap sonics alongside grungy guitar riffs reminiscent of that classic early 2000s Pop-Punk sound. Further, Kwasi delivers intrinisc and sincere lyricism that’s heightened through turbulent vocal performances. Not to mention Congrats’ singalong-worthy hooks that explode with vitality while bouncing between raging lows and highs.

Speaking on the release, Kwasi says;

“I had some relationship woes at the time, I wrote the words ‘Self Sabotage’ on my phone notes on the way to the studio knowing I had some energy to get off my chest that day.”

Being from different music backgrounds [Congrats] and I didn’t know what to expect when we started creating, but that said we definitely had so much crossover in our musical expression. The session felt cathartic and gave way to a long lineage of songs we’ve now created together.”



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Written by,
Timothy Thorpe

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