kailen returns to deliver his highly anticipated new single ‘blew it!’

After teasing fans for months, emerging Melbourne-based artist kailen has dropped off his long-awaited record ‘blew it!‘ and it exceeds all expectations.

Produced by Yung Spoiler and Logan M, the record layers explosive guitar riffs, heavy-hitting drums, and springy basslines, together forming an infectious uptempo groove. All the while kailen showcases his extensive vocal range delivering electric Pop-Punk esque vocals as well as fast-paced flows and charismatic melodies. At just under two minutes in length ‘blew it!‘ has us begging for more!

TLF is excited to see how this new release will be received by the masses, as kailen continues to flourish and demonstrate versatility as an artist.

This is only the beginning!



Show kailen some love on his socials:
Instagram: @ka1len
SoundCloud: @kailennn
Twitter: @222kailen
YouTube: @kailen

Written by,
Timothy Thorpe

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