FLY BOY JACK are back with a genre-bending masterpiece titled ‘ENERGY’

Melbourne’s favourite rapper-producer duo Jordan Dennis and JUJO have made a glorious return as they unveil a robust new single titled ‘ENERGY‘.

Lacing soft keys amid an eclectic drum and bass soundscape, the track hears Jordan Dennis slides atop showcasing his signature flair of idiosyncratic flows, rapid-fire delivery, and innovative vocal modulations. Moreover, ‘ENERGY‘ sounds just as the title suggests. It’s outstandingly dynamic, vastly genre-bending, and jam-packed with turbulent switch-ups. This legendary duo never misses!

Speaking on the release, FLY BOY JACK says;

“Energy was a song that came about during the first lockdown we had here in Melbourne, as soon as the bass line came along we knew we had something to work with. As frustrating as lockdowns were it was kind of funny how simultaneously cleansing it was only being able to interact with yourself and a few close people.”

“The energy between us all, though unseen, is something we are all strongly impacted by on a daily basis, and ‘Energy’ speaks on not overextending yourself for people who really don’t give a f***.”



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Written by,
Timothy Thorpe

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