­We’re going ‘Batshit Crazy’ for Benny Morrell’s new single

Following the recent release of his debut EP ‘Fortune Favours The Brave’, Benny Morell has returned with a welcomed change of pace.

His new release ‘Batshit Crazy’ is an Indie/Alternative single about heartbreak and self-destruction. Like other great heartbreak songs, ‘Batshit Crazy’ came to life after the breakdown of a toxic relationship. And while our heart goes out to Benny, we appreciate the grind and self-reflection because this gem is the product of that hardship.

From the outset, this track was set up with the keys to success. The guitar riff by former Jakubi songwriter Addzy is a chef’s kiss. The track’s simplicity pairs perfectly with the vocals and gives Benny’s lyrics a pedestal to shine. Further, ‘Batshit Crazy’ is an emo ballad with a sad, relatable sentiment. This song isn’t for the faint of heart as it will get you in the feels.

What’s more, the accompanying music video offers a window into despair and heartache. Filmed in the bathroom with a beat-up and bloody Benny, the viewer is positioned as the mirror’s POV, witnessing Benny’s breakdown firsthand. As the film clip progresses, we see the demons and emotional wounds he’s locked in with come to light. The overall implication of the mirror is that there are blurred lines between our experience and Benny’s.

This record is sure to hit close to home and resonate with many, and we’re no different. We will be listening to this one on repeat. Alexa, Play ‘Batshit Crazy’ by Benny Morell and keep it going!



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Written by,
Kim Kutschukian

Edited by,
Timothy Thorpe

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