Ivoris and r.em.edy connect for a glossy new hit titled ‘Drive Thru’

After releasing a string of hits between them, Melbourne-based artists Ivoris and r.em.edy have banded together to bring us a fire new release, ‘Drive Thru‘.

And while we’re really excited about this stellar new song, we’re also hung up on the inspiration behind it. Inspiration can strike anywhere, and this track embodies that sentiment.

Drive Thru‘ expresses the thoughts and emotions of casual dating, which the duo likens to a McDonald’s drive-through experience. Ivoris explains, “It’s about that feeling of instant gratification you get from satisfying a junk food craving, and also the crashing wave of regret that comes afterwards.”

Yet, it’s not very often you hear of the Maccas drive-through sparking much more than anger after forgetting your Sweet ‘n’ Sour Sauce or part of your order. So, we’re definitely intrigued.


If I could give three words to describe this track, they would be: bright, dreamy, and groovy. R&B heavy-hitter r.em.edy’s vocals slot in perfectly with Ivoris’s mesmerising cadence to top off an already certified smash.

‘Drive Thru’ was such a fun song to be a part of,” r.em.edy shares. “I’ve given my rap persona a little bit of a hiatus over the past few years, so it was so refreshing and cool to go back and channel that energy again for this verse.”

Looking forward, Ivoris is set to release her debut EP ‘My Messy Mind‘ and celebrate the launch with a full band at The Gasometer Hotel, along with some very special friends!


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Written by,
Kim Kutschukian

Edited by,
Timothy Thorpe

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