Kaiya holds her own with an empowering new single ‘Ego’

Since her debut in 2020, Melbourne-based R&B artist Kaiya has shared a series of fervent records addressing mental health, self-worth, and empowerment. Kaiya’s music aims to raise awareness about the importance of mental wellness and healthy communities to her young fanbase. Hence, her latest offering ‘Ego‘ is no exception.

Produced by local legend HAMLEY, this catchy new single pairs vibrant and sparkling chords, with soft kicks and bouncy percussion, as Kaiya glides atop flexing her ethereal cadence. Further, her harmonies on the chorus create a warm and dreamy soundscape, before entrancing listeners with alluring tonalities and thought-provoking lyricism. Not only does ‘Ego‘ sound phenomenal, but it also offers an important message about becoming fearless and backing yourself – it’s an anthem for those striving to achieve their dreams against all odds.

Speaking on the release, Kaiya says;

“I was told that I was too nice for the music industry and ‘Ego’ is my way of responding to that. I started to believe I had to change myself in order to achieve my goals, then realized that my power was always in what was once targeted as my weakness. When somebody feels the need to attack a quality of yours, it’s usually because they see power in it.  ‘Ego’ invites us to remember how powerful we truly are and to pay no attention to anyone who says otherwise.”

“I hope ‘Ego’ shakes people up in all the right ways, inspiring reflection of their intentions and ways of achieving success. Unfortunately, it’s become a norm to step on one another on the path to achievement, but if we all just took a minute to look around and see how spacious the path truly is, maybe we can all get there with more ease and peace.”

Accompanying the single is a spectacular video capturing Kaiya as the increasingly fearless young woman she is today, taking on the role of a boxer and going head-to-head with Australian Boxing Champion Marrissa Pohlman!



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Written by,
Timothy Thorpe

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