Coming off the back of his recent single ‘DAILY‘, African-Australian Hip-Hop artist Gradi looks to keep building momentum as he shares a punchy follow-up record ‘NAHMSAYIN?‘ alongside sinister visuals.

Loaded with aggressive bass, swift hi-hats, and bright strings over an orchestral beat, the track encompasses a bold and energetic ode warning listeners to keep their enemies close. The brash and bouncy chorus hears Gradi at his best and having fun on the mic, switching up his flow to a vocal range reminiscent of Baby Keem – creating an infectious earworm of a hook with the refrain ‘NAHMSAYIN?‘ echoed throughout. 

Further, through ‘NAHMSAYIN?‘ Gradi explores how growing up changed his awareness of his surroundings, experiencing depression growing up despite childhood popularity and not knowing who he can trust. Come today, he’s thriving in his own lane, keeping his friendship group tight and protecting his own best interests. Nothing or no one can stop Gradi now, he’s ready to take the world by storm!

What’s more, this new single arrives with visceral and ominous visuals created by Dave Kabii, embracing the dark and bloody Halloween aesthetic to deliver Gradi’s most striking video treatment to date. It’s a movie!



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Written by,
Timothy Thorpe

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