Hindley & REYKO! connect for a riveting new single ‘Bury Me’

Two of Melbourne’s most exciting and innovative artists Hindley and REYKO! have joined forces for a powerful new anthem titled ‘Bury Me‘.

Laced with stripped back production of airy guitar chords and slow drums, this new record provides space for both acts to deliver heavy-hitting vocal performances. For instance, Hindley kicks things off with pensive and crooning wordplay while reminiscing about falling in and out of love. Before REYKO! chimes in with hefty and brooding vocals of his own, further exploring the aforementioned thematics.

Start to finish ‘Bury Me’ is bound to leave listeners with goosebumps, as the ambient textures of the record instil a musing soundscape that’s unlike anything we’ve heard in a minute. This track is truly the perfect way to close out the year, we can’t wait to hear what will follow in 2023.



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Written by,
Timothy Thorpe

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