Dann Dib & r.em.edy unite for a smooth new single ‘Just Incase’

Melbourne’s budding R&B star r.em.edy and rising Hip-Hop emcee Dann Dib have joined forces once again for a bubbly and new single ‘Just Incase‘.

Produced by stoic and mixed/mastered by MixedByTrae, this new record offers groovy basslines, springy guitar licks, and soft Lo-Fi percussion. Reminiscent to the likes of Mac Miller, Dann Dib projects glossy, laidback flows that are beautifully paired with r.em.edy’s silvery harmonies and musing lyricism. The two feed off each other’s energy to create a seamless blend of old-school Hip-Hop with infectious R&B tonalities. The record feels warm and raw with top-tier fundamentals, such as the earworm chorus that’s bound to linger in your head for hours on end.

Just Incase‘ serves as the perfect successor to their 2021 collaborative effort ‘SOUL‘ which has since accumulated almost 100K streams. Thus highlighting why both of these acts are quickly rising to the top of Melbourne’s melting pot of talented musicians, and we can’t wait to see what 2023 will bring.



Show Dann Dib and r.em.edy some love on their socials:

Facebook: @danndib
Instagram: @danndibmusic
YouTube: @DannDib

Facebook: @heyitsremedy
Instagram: @r.em.edy
SoundCloud: @heyitsremedy
YouTube: @R.EM.EDY

Written by,
Timothy Thorpe

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