NIASHA serves main character energy on her powerful single ‘MOVE’

Stomping on industry critics and introducing a bold new era comes Melbourne-based queen NIASHA and her thunderous new record ‘MOVE‘.

Produced by BLUM the track serves as an empowering anthem that confronts toxic politics within the music industry and explores NIASHA’s journey toward creating a lasting impression on the world. Laced with a bone-crunching bassline, creeping synths, and angelic backing vocals, ‘MOVE presents a vigorous soundscape for the talented act to flex her pen game. From the jump, NIASHA snaps with swift lyricism and combative wordplay, steadily flowing triumphantly with some megaphone-like distortion to further fuel the aggressive mood and tonality of the single.

Speaking on what inspired the release, NIASHA says;

“I had been going through a lot of disheartening experiences within my personal and professional life. I realised a part of the problem was that I wasn’t speaking my truth and lacked assertiveness. This record allowed me to put pen to paper and utilise ‘NIASHA’ as an entity that speaks her mind, telling everyone to move out of the way.”

Looking forward, stay tuned for the accompanying music video that’s slated for release on Thursday, 23rd of March. With more releases expected to drop in 2023, NIASHA is clearly ready to shift gears and chase her pursuit of building a legacy. If you weren’t familiar already, now’s the time to tap in!



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Written by,
Timothy Thorpe

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