Discover Australia: Kid Pharaoh

Hailing from Sydney, Kid Pharaoh is an Egyptian-Australian rapper/producer who is expeditiously making a name for himself across the country.

At just 22-years-of-age the emerging artist already has a steady catalogue and an honourable list of accomplishments. Continue reading “Discover Australia: Kid Pharaoh”


Discover Australia: Kirklandd

It’s 2019 and Australia’s music culture continues to see an upsurge in promising new artists who are redefining the local standards. For instance, consider the scope of talented hip-hop acts across the country who are transforming the genre to compete on the global stage.

Australia is home to an empire of emerging new musicians and TLF is determined to showcase all of them. Therefore, we managed to get the ball rolling and chat with the Canberra-based prodigy, Kirklandd. Continue reading “Discover Australia: Kirklandd”

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