Discover Australia: Kid Pharaoh

Hailing from Sydney, Kid Pharaoh is an Egyptian-Australian rapper/producer who is expeditiously making a name for himself across the country.

At just 22-years-of-age the emerging artist already has a steady catalogue and an honourable list of accomplishments.

As part of our exclusive ‘Discover Australia‘ series, TLF managed to link up with Kid Pharaoh and reflect on his journey so far. We touched on a variety of topics including his influences, the latest album ‘Modern Revelations‘, plans for 2019 and more!

Being an innovative artist who raps, produces his own beats, directs his own videos, designs artworks and makes clothes, there’s very few who are on the same level as him.

“I still do all this without a manager, agent, or any kind of industry backing/representation, so right now I have the freedom to do pretty much whatever I want, it’s tight,” Kid Pharaoh told TLF.


When it comes to his influences and inspiration to create, Pharaoh noted that his personal experiences allow him to explore the types of messages he would like to convey.

“I look at it like everyone is just a walking vessel that carries different experiences, no one possesses the same composition of experiences that you carry. So in order to separate yourself as an individual … all that’s left to do is present yourself in your purest form and you’ll automatically stand out,” Kid Pharaoh said.

He refers this ideology to two of his biggest idols, Kanye West and Pharrell, as they too weren’t afraid to go against the norms and present themselves in their purest form without compromise.

Ultimately, Kid Pharaoh seeks to focus purely on himself and emphasise on his own endeavours, rather than get distracted by what’s popping or working for someone next to him.

“That state of complete focus produced songs like ‘Jesus Looks Like Me‘, I feel like if I was paying more attention to what was going on around me I might have been too scared to put out something so raw and played it safe … But a song like that is Kid Pharaoh and what he represents in the purest and most original form,” he told TLF.


Consequently, ‘Jesus Looks Like Me‘ set the tone for 2018 and manifested into the biggest release in Pharaoh’s musical journey thus far. He told TLF that with this one song alone, he received a crazy amount of attention (including various radio plays) and was able to do things he’s been wanting to do for years.

“Supporting an international artist live had been a huge goal of mine and maybe within 2 weeks of ‘Jesus’ coming out … they hit me up to support Duckwrth (USA) in Sydney, and I got my first festival slot at Yours & Owls Festival in Wollongong,” said Kid Pharaoh.

Being from Wollongong, that festival was a huge deal for Pharaoh as he knew there isn’t much of a hip hop presence there. Instead, most of the love generally goes towards the indie and alternative music genres.

“The day I played I was the only rapper on the bill, and I found out I was the first rapper from Wollongong to ever play that festival,” Pharaoh told TLF.

Also in 2018, the emcee released his highly anticipated album titled  ‘Modern Revelations‘ which was constructed from a surge of creativity and timeless studio sessions.

'Modern Revelations' Artwork
Modern Revelations‘ Album Artwork

However, prior to these sessions Pharaoh had already finished two songs, ‘Wise Man‘ and ‘Holy Water‘, which although were unrelated, they both had a religious theme present. Therefore and as a result, once the album sessions came around the theme was naturally exhibited and the concept quickly flourished.

“Sound wise I was just locked in with pure inspiration from music I had grown up listening to, rather than things that were currently around me, and I think the fact it all happened so fast and naturally is why it came out so well,” said Pharaoh.

Furthermore, Pharaoh told TLF that in between projects he likes to take a bit of time to listen to new kinds of music, learn new softwares, and experiment with fresh sounds to ensure each project is sonically unique.

“There’s always a readjusting period where I have to force out a lot average beats before I hit my strides again and start making things that excite me, then from there full fleshed out songs can be made,” said Kid Pharaoh.

Looking forward, 2019 is set to be a busy year for Kid Pharaoh as it’s his last year of unviersity. Nevertheless, the artist has promised to release a consistent amount of new singles to keep the success of last year rolling.

This is no word of a lie either, Pharaoh dropped off his first single for 2019 with ‘Run For Your Life!‘, and it’s the perfect start to another auspicious year!



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Written by,
~Timothy Thorpe

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