PREMIERE: Glock 17 – Tick Tock

Together as two childhood friends, Lil Raa and Rookie are Glock 17, a Melbourne-based duo that are set to ride the new wave of Australian hip-hop.

Today, the upcoming artists present their debut single ‘Tick Tock‘, a bass heavy record that combines trap-fuelled production and polished vocals about luxury lifestyles and watches. Continue reading “PREMIERE: Glock 17 – Tick Tock”


Big Words announce their first tour and release a glorious new single, ‘TTYDTM’

The meritorious Melbourne-based alternative band known as, Big Words, have returned with an electronic new single, titled, ‘Things That You Do To Me‘.

A spectacular release which blends their soulful, hip-hop inspired roots, with an alternative funk that is reminiscent to the likes of The Internet, Tame Impala and Rex Orange County. Continue reading “Big Words announce their first tour and release a glorious new single, ‘TTYDTM’”

PREMIERE: Meduza’s War on Everything

Emerging Melbourne-based hip-hop viper Meduza has arrived to the scene and presents her four-part video series, titled ‘Meduza’s War On Everything‘. The project explores an array of matters including social and sexual politics, inequality, media manipulation, and more.

The series is set to showcase the artist through four alternative perspectives and consolidate her unbreakable determination to express her inner conflict. Continue reading “PREMIERE: Meduza’s War on Everything”

PREMIERE: Frame – All Black

Local Melbourne artist, Frame, has just dropped off an early Christmas present that comes in the form of a bracing new single, titled ‘All Black‘.

Carrying instant appeal, the record details a harmonious journey about falling in love on a spontaneous night out. Moreover, ‘All Black‘ hears Frame ride a wave of charming and magnetic energy, which creates a warm atmosphere while invigorating the listener. Continue reading “PREMIERE: Frame – All Black”

EXCLUSIVE: This is Wellie

If there’s any rising Melbourne artists you should have on your radar, it should be Wellie. The local and up-and-comer has been turning heads recently with his introspective and thought-provoking new single ‘Spacewalker‘ (prod by. Black Canvas).

The track hears the emcee delve into issues like depression and loneliness, steering away from the status quo of subject matter in today’s Hip Hop landscape. Continue reading “EXCLUSIVE: This is Wellie”

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