PREMIERE: Meduza’s War on Everything

Emerging Melbourne-based hip-hop viper Meduza has arrived to the scene and presents her four-part video series, titled ‘Meduza’s War On Everything‘. The project explores an array of matters including social and sexual politics, inequality, media manipulation, and more.

The series is set to showcase the artist through four alternative perspectives and consolidate her unbreakable determination to express her inner conflict.

To add to the intrigue, each of the tracks are one minute in length to provide a short sharp shot. Furthermore, one video will be released every three weeks commencing today, as she premieres her first visual piece titled ‘Risen‘. This will pave the way for Meduza’s first full-length project that’s coming out in mid 2019.

“I wanted to showcase that I wasn’t going to be pigeon-holed into one sound, one look and one attitude.  So rather than release one ‘single’ in the traditional way, I decided to do four short tracks, with four videos and four themes,” Meduza said.


The videos come in collaboration with Melbourne videographer Emerald McGill (of Melbourne Minute) and were shot across various locations in Burn City. Expect to see themes of jealousy, sexual politics, religion, consumerism, celebrity death cults and internal conflict, which all do their part to help separate Meduza from the rest.

Meduza has already stock-piled a collection of recordings and will release them at the conclusion of her ‘War On Everything‘ series. Those releases will also be complemented by live shows and further collaborations, making Meduza a new name to watch for the remainder of 2019!

Keep up to date with the latest from Meduza by following her socials below:
Facebook: @madmeduza
Instagram: @mad_meduza_
SoundCloud: @RavensNestConsulting

Written by,
~Timothy Thorpe

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