Discover Australia: Pace

After consistently releasing music onto SoundCloud for well over a year, Pace has now debuted his anticipated EP, titled ‘Hell Split Wide Open Vol.1’.

The eight-track-project unveils a mature reflection of the hip-hop/trap artist, with a steady collection of various sonics and tonalities. Continue reading “Discover Australia: Pace”


EXCLUSIVE: This is Wellie

If there’s any rising Melbourne artists you should have on your radar, it should be Wellie. The local and up-and-comer has been turning heads recently with his introspective and thought-provoking new single ‘Spacewalker‘ (prod by. Black Canvas).

The track hears the emcee delve into issues like depression and loneliness, steering away from the status quo of subject matter in today’s Hip Hop landscape. Continue reading “EXCLUSIVE: This is Wellie”

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