Discover Australia: Pace

After consistently releasing music onto SoundCloud for well over a year, Pace has now debuted his anticipated EP, titled ‘Hell Split Wide Open Vol.1’.

The eight-track-project unveils a mature reflection of the hip-hop/trap artist, with a steady collection of various sonics and tonalities.

Further, the Gold Coast-based emcee has developed a sound comparable to global acts 24HRS and Tory Lanez. This is due to his unapologetic lyrical front and silky layer of auto-tune, which leaves catchy melodies stuck inside your head.


Following the release of his new EP, TLF managed to chat with Pace and explore a variety subjects including; his influences, Australia’s hip-hop culture, the impact of SoundCloud for young artists, his new project, and more!

Pace told The Local Frequency he grew up listening to The Whitlams and The Doors due to his Mum’s interest. However, personally he preferred the likes of Eminem, 50 Cent, Title Fight and a lot of punk music.

For Pace’s own music, he draws influence from an array of artists such as; Young Thug, Lil Peep, Gunna and Lil Keed.

“Shout out Lil Keed, I’m weird and he inspired me to sound however the f*** I want,” said Pace.

Speaking on his new EP ‘Hell Split Wide Open Vol. 1’, Pace told TLF that he’s “stoked to finally have a collection of songs out that people f*** with.”

“It was mad stressful but I learnt a heap and made new friends on the way so it’s all g,” said Pace.

EP Artwork

With Australia’s new wave of emerging artists on the rise, the emcee credits the local scene and acknowledges the cultural shift.

“We are starting to really get a wave out here and it’s well deserved, people are making dope music and this sh*t will take Aus hip-hop to a whole other level,” Pace told TLF.

Moreover, with SoundCloud acting as a giant and accessible platform for rising artists all over the world, this also significantly impacts the hip-hop genre overall.

“The biggest impact is how easy it is for people to put out a single or album, and get proper attention, people have changed their whole life from a few SoundCloud songs,” said Pace.

For the remainder of 2019, Pace plans on playing more shows and working on more music. He also told us to keep an eye out for some visuals that are dropping soon.

Keep up to date with Pace by following him on his socials below:
Facebook: @ppacee
Instagram: @ppace_
SoundCloud: @paceee
Twitter: @pacerrr1


Written by,
~Timothy Thorpe

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