Agung Mango returns with alternative visuals for his jam ‘Nothing To Find’

Last week Melbourne artist Agung Mango, dropped off his fresh banger ‘ALIVE’, this week he’s back with some alternative visuals to assist his incredibly dope track ‘Nothing To Find‘ (prod. Phil Smith).

While Agung Mango is quickly establishing a name for himself as he continues to provide high quality goodness within his music, he’s also proving he has what it takes to compete with the competition and offer extremely creative visuals too.

As the upcoming artist is constantly pushing boundaries and setting himself apart, it comes as no surprise just how awesome this video is.

Mango can be seen flowing and dancing as the music emits chill, laid-back energy and has the listener straight vibing along to every transition in the video.

Agung Mango is definitely one to familiarise yourself with, as it seems every week he’s coming back bigger and better while thriving off creativity and uniqueness.

With much love, we can’t wait to hear/see more and more as the mango is definitely ripe!

Give some love to Agung Mango and follow him on his socials here:
Facebook: @agungmangomusic
Instagram: @agungmango
SoundCloud: @agungmango


Written by,
~Timothy Thorpe

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