Agung Mango’s new single, ‘ALIVE.’, is a MUST LISTEN

Introducing Agung Mango, a fresh blooming artist from Melbourne, whose low-key killing the game right now.

While not much is known about the upcoming emcee, his talent is undeniable. Agung Mango’s ability to flow over beats then switch up into a melodic hook seem flawless.

Yesterday, Mango released yet another jam ‘ALIVE.‘, (his tenth song in two months), an R&B/soul fusion that straight bangs.

The song is his first drop for an upcoming series of weekly Wednesday releases, meaning there’s plenty more where that came from!

‘ALIVE.’, has Agung Mango putting on a vocal display while riding over some dark production courtesy of GAZS. The track gives TLF some serious nu-age J. Cole-type vibes which is so crazy and just goes to show how talented these upcoming Melbourne artists are.

Check out the track for yourself and get familiar with Agung Mango as he’s surely one to keep out for.

Follow him here:
Facebook: @agungmangomusic
Instagram: @agungmango
SoundCloud: @agungmango


Written by,
~Timothy Thorpe


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