MoreLifeMonday: Agung Mango

While 2017 has seen various Melbourne artists take on the year and make it their own, none have done it quite like Agung Mango has. Hence why this weeks ‘MoreLifeMonday’ instalment aims to acknowledge the work ethic and extraordinary style behind Mango’s craft.  

The young artist has so much to offer both sonically and visually, which truly deems him one of the most creative and exciting emcees.

For instance Mango’s track ‘Nothing to Find’ is one of TLF’s favourite jams we’ve heard this year, as he puts on a straight exhibition and showcases his phenomenal range of flows.

Furthermore, the official video for the track perfectly encapsulates just how ingenious Agung Mango is. With a diverse range of unique shots mixed with old school type transitions, the video is absolutely spectacular.

(Don’t believe us? Check out the official video for his song ‘Nothing to Find’ below)

Though this is just one of the 11 tracks Agung Mango has dropped this year…

His latest release ‘ONGO’ solidifies the emcee as one to watch, as it seems effortless the way he is able to flow over beats, to then switch up into a melodic hook or slower paced bridge.

Agung Mango has low-key dominated this year with back-to-back anthems, a striking display of technical lyricism and not to mention his stellar visuals.

As 2017 draws to as close TLF is keeping a close eye to see if we’re going to be blessed with more music before the end of the year.

Give some love to Agung Mango and follow him on his social here:
Facebook: @agungmangomusic
Instagram: @agungmango
SoundCloud: @agungmango

Written by,
~Timothy Thorpe

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