PREMIERE: Benny Sinclair – Got Somebody

Following a year-long hiatus from music, Melbourne based hip-hop artist and boxer Benny Sinclair recently made a return, dropping his first single for 2018 with ‘Fly Away‘.

Today Sinclair brings us his second and final single ‘Got Somebody‘ in preparation for the release of his forthcoming album ‘Don’t Take It Personal‘, which is scheduled for release on December 14th.

However, Sinclair ups the tempo on this new record and delivers a dancehall vibe through the use of reggaeton based percussion which is courtesy of DJ Rellik.

Further to that, ‘Got Somebody‘ illustrates a contrasting soundscape by combining the uplifting tempo of the track with melancholic progression and chord structures. Benny  Sinclair has truly outdone himself on all fronts, as the remarkable and rhythmic single speaks for itself.


Prior to the release, TLF managed to chat with Sinclair and discuss his biggest influences/musical inspirations, the new single, what else the future holds and more.
Check it out in our exclusive Q/A below:

(TLF) For those who don’t know, who is Benny Sinclair?
(Benny) I’m a passionate man, I love my hip hop & music. I love my boxing & sport, I love my family & friends & I love to entertain & inspire my fans. Life’s short, gotta do the best we can.

(TLF) Who would you say are your biggest influences behind the music you create?(Benny) My life is 💯 my biggest influence. Though regarding influential artists/musicians, my Top 5 in no apparent order would be; Bob Marley, Al Green, Notorious B.I.G & Dr. Dre (including the artists his worked with) & Wu-Tang Clan.


(TLF) What was the inspiration behind this grand new single and how did it all come together?
(Benny) My latest single ‘Got Somebody’ pays tribute to all the hard-working mums out there that just want to let their hair down & have a fun night out, & our gratitude for having these beautiful ladies in our lives as friends, fans, current or future companions.

It was written during a time when the other MC who features on the track Beanz & myself would go out together regularly & listen to Hip Hop, RnB, Dancehall & Afrobeats. These nights would often start or finish with massive freestyle & sing along sessions back at Beanz’s pad with our friends & crew. We also promoted some successful nights where our DJ’s would play the same style of music under the name ‘Dime & Ruff’.

The track itself was recorded at Turnstyle Records by Dj Rellik after I’d discussed various Dancehall inspired tracks for inspiration, including ‘No Letting Go’ by Wayne Wonder which has been replayed & sampled. The track was also mixed by Jase Beathedz who has again left no note unturned, & completed an amazing job in bringing out the best this track has to offer.

(TLF) Looking forward, what should the people know about your upcoming album ‘Don’t Take It Personal’?
(Benny) It’s an upbeat album, my lyrics are from the heart, I speak the truth & my tracks all relate to my life experiences & my beliefs touching on the Four Agreements. The album is set to inspire & influence my audience in a positive way, & leave my mark on the local music scene & beyond.

(TLF) Lastly, do you have any final words of wisdom or advice for aspiring artists and athletes like yourself?
Like I tell my boxing students, be BALANCED, live balanced, be quick & SHARPE, be accurate & on point. Use your MIND to think & use your experience, & time things well, & above all else use your HEART, breath, relax enjoy & don’t give up no matter what!

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Written by,
~Timothy Thorpe

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