PREMIERE: Frame – Love Yourself

Following a string of releases and a huge 2018, 22-year-old Melbourne rapper/songwriter Frame is back with a magnetic new single, titled ‘Love Yourself‘.

The high tempo, electro-trap fused record, inspires a journey to acquire self-love while understanding the importance of putting yourself first.

Moreover, this track comes as Frame’s final single before he releases his first full-length project in three years, ‘Love Yourself ~ Better’ (expected to drop in February 2019).


The project will also feature his popular singles; ‘Not Your Fault’ & ‘Better Off (feat. Figuero Jones)’, which were both added to full rotation on Triple J Unearthed.

Prior to the release of ‘Love Yourself‘, TLF manged to chat with Frame about the topic of self-love, the new single, the upcoming full-length and what he plans to achieve in 2019.
Check out our full interview below:

(TLF) Congrats on the release of this new single! Tell us, what does ‘Love Yourself’ mean to you personally?
(Frame) I was in a relationship that was falling apart because we were two people who were struggling to love ourselves and it became a co-dependent thing. I realised how unhealthy that was and wanted to see both of us happy. That meant stepping away from it and figuring out how to love me.

(TLF) Why do you believe it is important to love yourself?
(Frame) Whether or not you like it, you’re stuck with yourself, so I want to make the relationship with myself as beautiful as possible.


(TLF) What’s the best way for someone to learn to love themselves?
(Frame) Foremost I reached a point where I decided I didn’t want to hate myself anymore. I learnt that I needed to surround myself with positive people, idols, and coach myself into the habit of eating healthy and staying fit. I’ve read a bunch of books that would do a better job of teaching you then i could!
The Power of Now and The Four Agreements were game changers!

(TLF) Where do you draw your inspiration and motivation to self-love from? 
(Frame) Death mostly, I realised that nothing matters in this world more than everyone’s experience of it, including mine. 🙂

(TLF) What inspired you to create a record like this one?
(Frame) There’s a massive culture in Australia around self-deprecation. How often have you heard someone say in a negative context that “oh she/he loves themself” like that’s a bad thing? I think that’s kinda fucked up.

(TLF) What else can you tell us about your upcoming full-length ‘Love Yourself ~ Better’?
(Frame) So I haven’t released a full length project in what feels like forever. The whole project is full of original production, ideas etc.  which I’m really excited about. The whole project was written over a period where I was going through the journey of self-love (I still am). It’s a statement to myself to continue bettering myself and a reflection of where I came from.

(TLF) Lastly, what do you hope to achieve in 2019?
(Frame) I set out a bunch of goals for myself this year which mainly stands around a continual growth on the progress I made last year. The universe is telling me I’m on the right path so I guess I have to just trust myself.  Lots of new music, as expected, and just keep being my best self.


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Written by,
~Timothy Thorpe

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