Nasty Mars & The Martians present their soft new lullaby ‘Chanel’

Nasty Mars has quickly established himself as of Melbourne’s most soulful hidden acts. With the backing of his band, The Martians, Nasty has orchestrated an authentic sonic into the local culture by experimenting with warm blues and jazz fuelled sounds.

This is evident on his latest release, ‘Chanel‘, a track which encloses a soft lullaby with moody instrumentation and soothing vocals. Continue reading “Nasty Mars & The Martians present their soft new lullaby ‘Chanel’”


PREMIERE: Meduza’s War on Everything

Emerging Melbourne-based hip-hop viper Meduza has arrived to the scene and presents her four-part video series, titled ‘Meduza’s War On Everything‘. The project explores an array of matters including social and sexual politics, inequality, media manipulation, and more.

The series is set to showcase the artist through four alternative perspectives and consolidate her unbreakable determination to express her inner conflict. Continue reading “PREMIERE: Meduza’s War on Everything”

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