ICYMI: HVNCOQ linked up with Baro for a chilling new track, titled ‘Teeth’

When considering which artists had the most impactful year in 2018, one name who quickly comes to mind is HVNCOQ.

The Melbourne-based emcee delivered an array of quality releases, including; ‘Blackout‘ and ‘Switch Up‘, which flourished across the nation and even received love from Beats 1’s Zane Lowe.

Moving forward with the same momentum HVNCOQ recently delivered a heavy new single, titled ‘Teeth‘, featuring Burn City’s iconic and multi-faceted virtuoso, Baro.


The track hears dark and grimy trap-infused beat that is made up of creeping synthesisers, bold levels of bass, and a slapping drum machine. Not to mention the smooth undertones in the vocal performances from both artists.

Teeth‘ is a flawless collaboration that was never going to dissapoint, having HVNCOQ and Baro on the same track is an instant recipe for success, both are such pioneers in their craft. There’s nothing else to say, this track speaks for itself.

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Written by,
~Timothy Thorpe

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