EXCLUSIVE: This is Carter

Emerging hip-hop artist, Carter, recently released his highly anticipated new single ‘100-60‘ (with accompanying visuals) via Dayones Records.

The track encloses a melodic, personal and well construed single, featuring an impressive and collaborative effort from fellow Melburnian artist, JSPA.

Experimenting with trap-fused R&B sonics, Carter sets the tone with an emotional mix of themes that explore late nights, relationships and fast-paced lifestyles. Moreover, the record embodies a sound matching the likes of Bryson Tiller, Anders and The Weeknd.


Following the release, TLF managed to link up with the rising artist to chat about a variety of topics, including his influences, the new single, working with JSPA, what the future holds and more! Peep our full interview below:

Kicking things off, when asked on how he would describe his sound, Carter told TLF that it’s difficult for him to answer as he is sill developing.

“I try to shut the noise off and create what i would personally enjoy listening to, [it] can go from bouncy energetic tracks, to slower RnB songs. But 808s are usually involved,” he said.

In terms of his influences, Carter gave the top five artists which he believes are the one’s he’s most inspired by. The list includes; Anders, Bryson Tiller, The Weeknd, Tory Lanez and the local Sydney-based powerhouse, Anfa Rose.

Talking about the new single ‘100-60‘, Carter told TLF it was written on his couch and it represents the first step of his ‘artistic direction’.

“I was quite lost in finding the right delivery and narrative … but this track changed the game for me. I got the hook really quickly, and then wrote the two verses shortly after,” he said.

📷: @flyingartfilms

Furthermore, Carter explained that he had been wanting to with JSPA for a while now and thought he would fit the song really well.

“Both myself and JSPA collaborated with RMR who produces for us (and other Melbourne acts like Zuhair, Rini, etc.,) … so we met each other through that connection,” he told TLF.

With JSPA being much further along in his music career, Carter said he used to show him his demo’s and get feedback. Therefore, ‘working together was natural’ for the two.

Looking forward, the young artist sees his music as a platform to speak his mind. The main goal is to keep enjoying the process and believe everything else will fall into place.

“I want to share a piece of my life every time people listen to me. If it makes their day a little better then i don’t need to ask for anything more,” he added.

In terms of further releases, Carter told TLF that he’s got a whole bunch of songs ready to go, and a couple of visuals on the way too.

As for shows, Carter’s doing a feature performance for a track he worked on with 9vibes, titled ‘attention’, which is also set to drop real soon. Therefore, be on the look out and keep your eyes peeled as Carter prepares to take over the local scene.

You can keep up to date with the latest from Carter by following his socials below:
Facebook: @thisisccarter
Instagram: @carter_sounds
SoundCloud: @carter_sounds
Twitter: @carter_sounds


Written by,
~Timothy Thorpe

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