PREMIERE: Kieren Luke – Shiny Bitch

On a mission to break barriers, Melbourne’s Kieren Luke brings a new age flavour to the traditional old school hip-hop style, with his grand new single ‘Shiny Bitch‘.

The track combines a heavy display of trap-fused production which perfectly coincides Kieren’s wild lyricism and hypnotising harmonies.

Moreover,  what started off as a fun diss directed at ‘bubblegum rap’, quickly became an upbeat and fast-paced banger, with Kieren Luke delivering some extremely volatile flows.


Prior to the release, TLF managed to link up with the newcomer and chat about some of his influences, the new single, the process behind bringing it to life, plans for the future, and more! Peep our full interview below:

(TLF) First off, for those who don’t know who is Kieren Luke?
Kieren – That’s a hard question to answer because I have two sides. One that’s worked 11-16 hours a day, five days a week, as a chef for the last 10 years. Then there’s the music Kieren that does nothing but think of new ideas to bring to the scene. I’ve always had random rhyming words and lines in my head that I eventually turned into verses which lead to songs, that started when I was 17. That was also the time in my life that I was properly introduced to hip-hop my a group of homies back home called “eat well”.

(TLF) Where do you draw your influences / inspiration from when making music
Kieren – Inspiration for me comes from everywhere. I grew up on Shannon Noll and Lee Kernaghan style country. Always been a huge fan of Ed Sheeran, Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley and Eminem too. But as far as hip-hop inspiration goes, mine would be Macklemore, G-Eazy and Post Malone

(TLF) How would you describe your sound / style?
Kieren – I’m still finding my sound and that honestly grows with my confidence in this industry. I’ve got a sort of high pitched voice with a soothing flow, it’s trappy, it’s new school and it’s just fun to listen to.


(TLF) Congratulations on the release of your new single! Tell us, what does ‘Shiny Bitch’ mean to you and what was the process like when creating it?
Kieren – ‘Shiny Bitch’ is about this 10/10 Swedish girl that ended up being my girlfriend. You ever just woke up next to someone so hot you wrote a song out of it? Haha

Process wise it started off with a brother named JJ Kay, I pitched the idea and he decided to jump on a verse too. We dived into that “cloud/bubblegum rap” style as an original diss style tea, but it quickly became something fun and serious. Unfortunately things just ended up going in the solo direction due to my fast pace work flow, which didn’t work for everyone. I knew it was a now or never opportunity, so I took the advice and finished it with my producer “Michael Cooper” (A.K.A Mikki from Preston).

(TLF) Do you have any specific plans on what you’d like to achieve as an artist? Or any goals in general?
Kieren – I just want to make good music for now, ideally I’d love to make it worldwide one day and I’m just going to keep working hard at it until I do haha. I want to eventually have my own apparel’s line too, that’s just on the back burner for now though.

(TLF) Finally, as we reach the halfway mark in 2019, what else can the people make sure to keep an eye out for? Any more releases, events or things we shouldn’t miss?
Kieren – I’ve got a couple collaborations on the go at the moment but can’t really share any details on those yet. Other than that I’m really hoping to get given a chance at the bars of steel on triple J and just make as much noise around the name “Kieren Luke” as possible.

You can keep up to date with Kieren Luke by following his socials below:
Facebook: @kierenlukeofficial
Instagram: @kierenlukeofficial
SoundCloud: @KierenLuke


Written by,
~Timothy Thorpe

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