Droopo delivers his first solo release with a hefty new cut titled ‘Don Dada’


After blossoming on the scene in 2019 with the success of his collaborative EP ‘Locked In‘, starring alongside fellow Melbourne-based artist Kae The Goat, 22-year-old Droopo has returned in 2020 to unleash his first solo single ‘Don Dada‘.

Paying homage to the original Don Dada (Jamaican Dancehall artist Louie Rankin) via the title and cover art, this fresh drop hears a natural chemistry between prominent local hitmaker JUJO. ‘Don Dada‘ showcases¬†Droopo’s intrinsic penmanship and ability to deliver buttery flows over booming, distorted production.

Speaking on the record, Droopo states;

“Don Dada is a state of elevation. Know what you want. Know who you are. Know where you’ve been. Then decide your next move precisely. This one means more than anything to me. It’s a promise to my mother and father. I’mma get it no matter…”



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Written by,
~Timothy Thorpe

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