r.em.edy connects with Able2 for a robust anthem ‘Loving All These Men’


Continuing her rise as one of the city’s most adept new acts, Melbourne-based singer, rapper and producer r.em.edy has unleashed a fervent new anthem titled ‘Loving All These Men‘.

Lacing intricate lyricism with soulful melodies, this new jam hears r.em.edy showcase her multifaceted artistry through a range of eloquent cadences. ‘Loving All These Men’ combines elements of Jazz, Hip-Hop, R&B and Soul, to create a compelling sound that’s stylistically reminiscent to the likes of notable stars Amy Winehouse, Jorja Smith SZA, and Doja Cat.

Speaking on the single, r.em.edy says;

“Loving All These Men touches on the topic of self-love and the process I went through questioning why I invest my time, love & attention into men that never seem to reciprocate.”

“It talks about the manipulation men commonly project onto young women who fall for societies myth that a woman is only complete/happy if she is with a man.This in a nutshell is an anthem for all the women who need to realise they are more than enough & don’t need anybody but themselves to be complete & happy.”



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Written by,
~Timothy Thorpe

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