Jordan Astra showcases his versatility with a new project titled ‘TWOSIDE’


Coming off the back of his latest single ‘Reasons‘, well-rounded Melbourne-based musician Jordan Astra has shared a brand new two-track EP titled ‘TWOSIDE‘.

The lead single, ’Way Back When’ features the dynamic duo from Inglewood, California Cam & China. The second track ‘Without You’ also includes co-production from label The Operatives, Phil ‘Swerv’ and Melbourne’s JUJO.

Speaking on the EP, Jordan Astra says;

“TWOSIDE is a beautiful contrast between my love for Rap and R&B. ‘Way Back When’ is a hard hitting Rap track and ‘Without You’ is an R&B single that pays homage to my Toronto roots.”

“After coming off my last release ‘Reasons’, a POP influenced track, I wanted to shake things up and showcase another style of music I love producing….”


What’s more, the EP also comes complete with accompanying visuals directed and edited by Jordan Astra. It captures the stark contrast between the hard-hitting lyrics of ‘Way Back When‘ and soft undertones from ‘Without You‘. The video offers yet another display of Astra’s unique creativity and versatility as an artist.


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Written by,
~Timothy Thorpe

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