Kieren Luke unveils a playful new heater titled ‘Speak In Emojis’

Moving with the success of his recent single ‘Neverland‘, Melbourne’s Kieren Luke has returned to deliver a bouncy new heater titled ‘Speak In Emojis‘.

Presenting an intoxicating selection of sonics ranging from thumping 808’s, ominous percussion and distorted bass, Kieren Luke brings it all together with sleek lyricism and rapid flows.

What’s more, ‘Speak In Emojis‘ opens with a short skit which pokes fun at what people deem as mumble rap. Though he quickly switches it up and puts forward a fierce track with exuberant wordplay, while toying with the idea of communicating in code.


Prior to the release, TLF managed to chat with Kieren about what he’s been up to, ‘Speak In Emojis‘, staying motivated in lockdown, and much more!

Check out the full interview below:

For those who still aren’t familiar, who is Kieren Luke?
You got time my guy? Haha I’m where a mixed bag of gummies meets luck dip. There’s plenty of surprises but you’ll get the right flavour eventually...

What’s been happening since we spoke last?
To be completely honest, just dealing with the whole 2020 situation and trying to stay afloat. Now I’ve got my head back, it’s time to get productive again!

Congrats on the release of ‘Speak In Emojis‘! What does this one mean to you?
Thank you Tim, I appreciate it a lot! Damn this one is the pinnacle so far my bro. It’s my own proof of progression, self validation and has shown me that nothing is off limits if you want it. It’s also been a huge bundle of fun to create.

How have you managed to maintain motivation during these lockdowns?
A whole lot of coffee and cigarettes mixed with an unfathomable sleep pattern.. Staring at a blank wall for hours on end and brainstorming on weird ideas until something pops up.

One person to collaborate on new music with, who would it be?
I feel like a kid in a candy shop with this question! I’d have to keep it local and say Jordan Dennis though, he’s a lyrical wizard with a flow years ahead of his time!

What else can we expect to see in 2020?
The playground 🙂 Maybe not the whole swing set but the EP is days off completion and it’s got some crazy vibes ranging from high to low. It’s essentially 23 tacks morphed into 6 of my best pieces yet! Few sneaky collabs in the mix too..


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SoundCloud: @KierenLuke

Written by,
~Timothy Thorpe

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