PREMIERE: Kaiya – Introspect

Resonant to the phrase ‘diamonds are made under pressure’, the current global pandemic and challenging lockdowns sees emerging Melbourne-based artist Kaiya channel her energy into the release of a stellar debut single titled ‘Introspect‘.

Written and recorded from Kaiya’s bedroom during the city’s Stage 4 restrictions, the record comes as a magnetising R&B cut that’s laced with soft keys, bold 808’s and delicately suave vocals. Further, ‘Introspect‘ pairs meditative lyricism with revitalising melodies to provide listeners with an audible remedy of support an encouragement.


Kaiya also accompanied her debut release with a lyric video and music video. Designed by Melbourne graphic designer Jack Shand, the lyric video shows her sitting above the city in contemplation.

Speaking on the visual concept, Kaiya says;

“There were so many times where I felt free of all the fear by just sitting somewhere silently. When I gazed out at the city I almost felt a sense of relief that it was finally on pause. We’re always going and to just be there in silence with no beeping of cars in traffic was magical.”


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Written by,
~Timothy Thorpe

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