PREMIERE: Kaiya – Love

After releasing her budding debut single ‘Introspect‘ late last year, Melbourne artist Kaiya has returned to open out 2021 with the release of her highly anticipated follow-up record ‘Love‘.

Written and recorded during the city’s COVID-19 lockdowns, this new one comes after Kaiya witnessed people fighting over toilet paper and felt inspired to reflect on the times when humanity acted with love and compassion instead.

Further, it highlights each moment we have a choice between nurturing two polarities. It’s a reminder that we shape our actions with our thoughts and our realities with our actions.

Sonically ‘Love‘ presents charming melodies, catchy refrains and thought-provoking lyricism; where Kaiya’s voice radiates amid a gloomy Lo-Fi soundscape. What’s more, the track comes paired with a stunning lyric video which depicts Kaiya cherishing nature and achieving serenity.



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Written by,
Timothy Thorpe

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