Discover Australia: Your Girl Pho

Known for her extensive vocal range, tremendous energy, and live looping during shows, Perth-based artist/producer Your Girl Pho is quickly emerging as one of the country’s most exciting acts.

Exceeding any limitations of genre, Pho presents a variety of styles which spans from somber and nostalgic R&B, to bright and colourful Electro-Pop that will have you dancing in your seat.

Hence, her latest offering ‘Surrender‘ is no different. The record possesses a magnetic soundscape filled with bubbly percussion, soft keys, and a palliative display of mellow harmonies. Pho channels a fervent cadence as she gracefully delivers buoyant flows and allows her soulful demeanour to shine seamlessly.


Prior to the release, TLF managed to chat with Your Girl Pho about all things ‘Surrender‘, creating music during lockdown, her dream collaboration, plans for the future and much more!

Check out the full interview below:

The accompanying visuals look amazing!
Tell us about the process of bringing the record to life?
We filmed this in Perth during lockdown Phase 1 of COVID-19 in April. I really didn’t want a strong story line or concept in the video as I feel the song already speaks for itself, I didn’t need to convey it visually. So we focused more on mood & environment of the visuals. We started off around dusk at Hyde Park trying to capture the sunset reflection on the lake. Then we drove through the Graham Farmer Tunnel about 6 times in a convertible.

We tried to capture the way I feel like I’m in a music video when I drive down that tunnel in summer – windows down, warm air and the orange lights flashing down the lane. The video captured some of Perths bitterly romantic but melancholy spots.

Has COVID-19 affected your creative process and the ability to make music?
I feel as though not much changed in the sense that I kept my job during this time and was able to work from home, so if anything I was still as time poor as before. The difficult part for me it’s allocating & committing time to getting into the studio to write, which is also stunted if I’m only working 5 days a week without any outside inspiration.

‘Surrender’ was a product of lockdown blues, hence the complete change of tone & energy compared to my other releases. I was really feeling the weight of my relationships and how during a pandemic where your busy life comes to a halt, you suddenly feel and see things in yourself and other people around you that you may have been too busy to before. To love and to be loved, you must surrender to another and let your walls down. But when your routine and life becomes turbulent and the future is so unknown, the last thing people feel safe to do is surrender and be vulnerable to another. So although a tough time, it was the turbulence that sparked the inspiration to write ‘Surrender’.

What are you most excited for once the restrictions are lifted?
Luckily I live in Perth, so our lock down restrictions are lifted & the city is now almost back up and running with gigs shows again etc. Despite participating in many online live streams, I was missing playing to an actual audience and dance floors! There was a noticeable difference in the audience my first show back, a real energy in the air and you could feel everyone be present and grateful to share it together again. I really hope I can travel to the other side of Australia and share it there again soon.

If you could collaborate on new music with one person, who would it be?
Haha if it could be absolutely ANYONE I would love to collaborate with Yeti Beats. He has produced two of my favourite albums with Doja Cat. His work is next level…

What else can fans expect to see from you in the future?
More music and more visuals! I’m still playing lots of shows in Perth so I’m also using this time to perfect our live aesthetic and performance.


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Written by,
Timothy Thorpe

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