$ebGucci unveils an energetic debut single titled ‘Other Side’

Hailing from the South East suburbs of Melbourne comes $ebGucci, one of the city’s most promising new Hip-Hop acts. Known for his contributions with local group OhTwo, the widely talented artist/producer has now stepped out with his first solo release ‘Other Side‘.

Laced with dark strings, thumping 808’s, bright keys and bouncy hi-hats, the record puts forward an energetic bop filled with compelling Trap sonics. On top of that, $ebGucci delivers sleek melodies and frisky bars, gliding over the track with a magnetising cadence reminiscent to the likes of prominent US artists XXXTENTACION and Lil Skies.

Opening up to his listeners from the jump, ‘Other Side tells a pure story of struggle and strife. The promising virtuoso showcases his cheeky yet passionate personality, giving fans the perfect introduction to his grungy and isolated image.



Show $ebGucci some love on his socials:
Facebook: @SebGuccii
Instagram: @sebgucci
Twitter: @sebguccii

Written by,
Timothy Thorpe

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