New Wave Infinity enlists over 60 artists from ‘All Corners’ of Melbourne for one epic album

For the first week of January 2020, Melbourne-based collective New Wave Infinity entered the year with an innovative plan to host an open studio space for artists and creatives alike.

Taking inspiration from Dreamville’sRevenge of the Dreamers’ project, the group aspired to create a collaborative not-for-profit album which would bring the city together and in turn help push the local music culture forward.

As a result, over 70 artists pulled up to get involved and an empty home filled with multiple studio spaces (including an outdoor set-up) provided the perfect setting for history to be made.

Fast track to October 16 and the proof is in the pudding, as New Wave Infinity unveil the highly anticipated project ‘All Corners‘ – representative of the fact it features an array of artists from various areas across Melbourne.

At 20 tracks deep, the album exceeds expectations and flawlessly highlights the city’s unique collection of diverse artistries. It offers a contagious sense of passion for making music in its rawest form. Just as it was intended, ‘All Corners‘ encompasses a refreshing variety of sonics, giving artists of all calibres the chance to connect and create without any divide.

This is an album from Melbourne to the world, the only way to understand is by taking the time to listen.


What’s more, you can see some behind the scenes footage and hear from a few of the artists involved by watching New Wave’s incredible accompanying ‘All Corners‘ documentary.


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Written by,
Timothy Thorpe

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