PREMIERE: Phoenix Manson & Martiln – The One I Need (feat. Loosie Grind)

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Emerging Melbourne-based producers Phoenix Manson and Martiln have joined forces for an emotional Pop record with powerhouse vocals by way of talented singer-songwriter Loosie Grind.

Titled ‘The One I Need‘, the track explores what it means to have a mutual understanding for one another, as well as sharing support in a safe and non-judgemental space.

Sonically, it presents atmospheric Future Bass production that’s peppered with pulsating synths and vigorously upbeat harmonies. Loosie Grind’s powerhouse vocals are laced seamlessly into the single, creating an uplifting combustion of euphoric rhythmics. You can peep an exclusive listen of ‘The One I Need‘ before it’s official release this Thursday (22/10) via TLF now!


Prior to the release, The Local Frequency managed to chat with Phoenix Manson, Martiln and Loosie Grind about the new single, staying motivated in lockdown, future plans and more!

Check out the full interview below:

For those who still aren’t familiar, who is Phoenix Manson and who is Martiln?

Phoenix Manson
Hey yo! My name is Phoenix Manson and I’m a music producer/DJ. I’m currently 21 and based in Southbank. My focus is on producing records that blend an eclectic mix of influences to deliver a fresh take on an old school sound.

I am Matt Tinkler, an electronic music producer/educator based in Melbourne. I have been putting out records for the past nine years under the moniker of Martiln. Passing on knowledge about music production to the next generation is also a big part of what I do.

Loosie Grind you are the featured vocalist on this track, is this your first time collaborating with these two producers?

Loosie Grind
Yes it was! I found it to be a really productive first collaboration. Everything came together real smoothly and when that happens with a track you know that it’s a great creative fit. When everyone is on the same wavelength you don’t find yourself having to push uphill because we are all working towards the same vision. So yeah it worked out pretty well in that sense.

Your new record ‘The One I Need’ is coming out in two days! What does this one mean to you?

Loosie Grind
The lyrics of this song explore the connection that you share with a person when you are both being vulnerable together, giving yourself to someone and them giving themselves back.

Although most of us understand that completely relying on someone isn’t healthy, I wanted to highlight that… It is okay to depend on others because people need people. Especially during these times of constant change when people are feeling things they may have never felt before.

Phoenix Manson
Yeah 100%. I think this song has gained a whole new meaning since we started working on it! In a way it is documenting what intimacy means to our generation as this world changes. The message of the track is really relevant in all our lives at the moment and speaks directly to the importance of enjoying and appreciating the time we share with others. In a way it captures the mood of this time period.

We had a lot of fun making the track and I think it shows in the sound and energy it captures. This song is a great representation of our 3 individual styles coming together to form one cohesive concept.

How did the record come together? Talk us through the collaboration process.

Phoenix Manson
Martiln and I met in the Melbourne music scene a few years back. We have played at the same clubs and shared the stage a few times but had never been in the studio together. We were familiar with each other’s styles at this point so a collaboration seemed pretty straight forward.

Late last year we set up a session at my studio. We ended leaving the studio 8 hours later with a pretty complete track. There was a discussion at the end of the session about which vocalist we should have feature on the song. We decided to keep the demo track on our hard drives until the right person came along. That person ended up being Loosie Grind!

Loosie Grind
I crossed paths with Phoenix at a studio session where I was finishing up some vocal takes for another track. We got along well and I said feel free to send through any tracks that you would like vocals on. By the time the instrumental was sent to me it already had a solid structure which made writing for it quite simple.

Have the current lockdowns been affecting your creative process and ability to make music?

It has most definitely changed the way we work. Apart from the initial production session in the studio, this was a virtual collaboration. Loosie Grind and myself still haven’t met in person! I’ve found that this year has actually been my busiest year so far thanks to Covid which is quite interesting.

Phoenix Manson
You’re right it has completely switched up the creative process but I don’t think it has impacted our ability to make music as a whole. If you are driven to make great art you will always be able to find a way! If anything, this period of time has generated a bunch of solutions for online collaboration. We are starting to see a lot of people going live on twitch or hosting studio sessions with Zoom screen share.

Loosie Grind
I’ve also found it to be a great time to refine my music production skills. Working on other aspects of the music industry too. Not being able to spend time in the scene with my friends has definitely changed my process and where I draw inspiration from.

What are you most excited for once the lockdown restrictions are lifted?

Loosie Grind
Going to music festivals! A lot of smaller Australian acts have had the opportunity to come up during Covid-19 because the focus hasn’t been on the major headliners as much. Seeing the new wave of Australian acts take to the stage is going to be totally awesome.

It’s going to be great to get on stage again after such a long time. Even the simple things like having the freedom to going out on the weekend and travel around. Enjoying life for what it can be.

Phoenix Manson
My thoughts exactly! After spending 2019 living in Berlin and Djing around europe I’m craving the opportunity to get on stage and tour again. It’s going to be a brave new world when we go back out into it and it’s up to our generation to shape what it becomes. You can feel the ground swell building here in the Melbourne scene and it’s super exciting.

What else can fans expect to see from you guys in the future?

Phoenix Manson
We actually have a really fire Christmas album lined up! I’m totally joking ahah. In all seriousness though I have a few day party concepts that are written up and ready to launch once we are able to throw events for 100+ people. It’s going to be an exciting time for the young creatives of Melbourne to redefine what the scene will look like coming out of 2020.

I have a big project I’ll be announcing hopefully some time in the next few months as a result of my current masters degree, which is really exciting! I will also be continuing to upload music production tutorials through my Instagram and YouTube.

Loosie Grind
More music and more live shows! I’ve been exploring Disco House and other genres of club music recently. There are some Loosie Grind productions I have lined up for release which I am really looking forward to dropping. Big love to The Local Frequency for putting us on, one love!


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Written by,
Timothy Thorpe

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