Ceeko returns for a fervent new jam about heartbreak with ‘Messed Up’

Returning for yet another velvety release, rising Melbourne-based artist Ceeko has unveiled a nostalgic R&B record titled ‘Messed Up‘ which serves as a prequel to his earlier drop ‘Open‘.

The new single explores heartache which comes from being in a relationship with someone whose intentions are of ill will. With young love as the subject muse, the track also shares parallel significance with unhealthy industry relationships from the past.

I want this track to help people move on and get over heartbreak. It’s not always an intimate love, heartbreak can be felt from any relationship you invest emotion in. To then have that slap you in the face – it can hurt. I wanted to create something to help people move on,” says Ceeko on the track.

Sonically ‘Messed Up‘ hears Ceeko’s vocal prowess on full display as he delivers sophisticated melodies with unembellished lyrics. Produced by Hugh Lake, the song encompasses dynamic sounds reminiscent to the early 2000’s R&B era, mixing soft guitar undertones with funky 808’s.

Looking ahead, Ceeko is set to release his highly anticipated EP Where Do We Begin later this year, bringing fans the final pieces to the ongoing puzzle of love and pain that’s heard in his music.



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Written by,
~Timothy Thorpe

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