PREMIERE: Sxint Prince – Heartless (feat. kailen)

After lacing 2020 with an abundance of singles, emerging Melbourne-based artist Sxint Prince continues to flourish as he shares a powerful new single titled ‘Heartless‘.

Enlisting fellow Burn City talent kailen, the record layers dark R&B sonics alongside sprightly atmospheric production. Leaving Sxint Prince room to grace the track with intimate melodies, alluring wordplay and a captivating cadence.

Similar to his past releases, ‘Heartless‘ hears Prince transform poignant memories into a beautiful soundscape filled with contrasting rhapsodies. Paired with kailen’s raw vocals, the pair go hand-in-hand with one another; creating a sound reminiscent to the likes of notable greats The Weeknd, XXXTENTACION and Juice WRLD.

Speaking on the release, Sxint Prince says;

Heartless is an ode to broken relationships. Where one person can hurt the other so much, but the one who has been hurt still loves them and wants to make things work, regardless of the damage that has been done.”

“It’s a song describing how a person can be so heartless and cold. So calculated and unemotional; while the other is hopelessly in love, so blinded by their infatuation that they can’t even see and understand what’s happening to them.”



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Written by,
Timothy Thorpe

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