Immensely talented artist, producer and multi-instrumentalist JOSHCIRI looks to garner the attention of the Australian music scene as he unveils a compelling debut single titled ‘Slowdown‘.

Inspired by love, chaos and everything in between; the track puts forward an alluring blend of sonics varying from Alt Pop and Electronic to Emo and R&B. ‘Slowdown‘ features atmospheric production filled wth brisk kicks, thudding 808’s and elegant breakdowns. JOSHCIRI’s elaborate artistry is on full display as he delivers intoxicating melodies and showcases a compulsively robust cadence.

What’s more, the single arrives alongside some stellar visuals courtesy of The AV Club and Cian Marangos. Filmed throughout the inner city suburbs of Melbourne the video captures a late night aesthetic by way of darkly lit sets, neon glows and exhilarating performances to camera.


Prior to the release, The Local Frequency managed to chat with JOSHCIRI about all things ‘Slowdown‘, his influences, what else we can expect to see in 2021 and more!

For those who aren’t familiar, who is JOSHCIRI?
I’m an alternative artist/music producer and multi-instrumentalist from Melbourne, Australia.

Where have you been drawing influence(s) from when creating music lately?
A weird mix lately but artists and bands like; The Neighbourhood, Bring Me The Horizon, N.E.R.D, A$AP Rocky, and BUSH.

Congrats on the release of this new single! What does ‘Slowdown’ mean to you?
Slowdown’ to me is a story of love, chaos and everything in between, and how important self-love is and to never give up on what you know you deserve.

Talk us through the visuals, what was the idea behind bringing the track to life?
I was really inspired by the colouring and theme in the HBO series ‘Euphoria’ and I really wanted to ride a bike as well. But Cian from The AV Club really read my mind and brought it to life – he directed and produced it. He’s a super talented dude! And an all-round great person!

What else can fans look forward to in 2021?
Some more collaborative tracks and I’m working on a lil EP at the moment so maybe one of those. But either way definitely a lot more music and rule-breaking!


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SoundCloud: @JOSHCIRI

Written by,
Timothy Thorpe

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