Flimsey Lohan are back with a genre-bending new single ‘Kick Back’

Melbourne-based Hip-Hop and Jazz fused quartet Flimsey Lohan have returned with their first release for the year after sharing a brand new single titled ‘Kick Back‘.

Jam packed with zesty instrumentation by way of dark keys, soft basslines and uptempo drum patterns; the track comes as yet another riveting offering from the group. ‘Kick Back‘ encompasses the beauty behind fusing various genres into a fluid avant-garde release – this is what made Flimsey Lohan’s music so exciting from the jump.

Shared alongside the single are some remarkable visuals courtesy of prominent local videographer and tastemaker Zac Harris. The video puts forward a cinematic viewing experience loaded with stunning seaside shots and compelling b-roll, while FL’s lead vocalist Moom$ delivers melodic flows and polished wordplay to camera.



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Written by,
Timothy Thorpe

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